What We Do (and love doing, by the way!)

Private and Semi Private Lessons


Private and semi private lessons for ballet technique, audition prep, solo coaching/cleaning, technique lessons, pointe work, as well as strengthening/rehabilitation after an injury.

ECC's Performing Company


By invite/audition only, company members represent ECC as soloists or ensemble members at local and national competitions and festivals as well as participate in a variety of local productions.

Classes and Workshops


ECC holds ballet/pointe class on Friday evenings from 545-715 for int/adv dancers ages 13+. Requires eval/approval. Please contact us if you are interested in joining this class to set up an evaluation; exceptionally advanced students younger than 13 with previous pointe experience would also be considered. 



Am I making the right training decisions? Which competitions should I attend to get scholarships to support my goals? Where should I go in the summers to train or should I go away at all? How do I know which college or company is right for me and how early should I start planning? Managing a young dancers lofty goals or an elite dancer's budding career is difficult and can seem overwhelming if you don't have the background of a professional dancer yourself.  At ECC, we can guide you in all of these areas and have national connections to help you reach whatever goals you can dream of!